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Abdullah Bin Afzal
4 min readMay 18, 2021

Amal Academy has the vision to improve the educational systems as well as boosting the social and moral values of our society. For this cause, fellows are supposed to give back to society what they have achieved here at Amal Academy. In order to obtain this cause, fellows have to sort some social problem from the society and work on it as a megaproject in their respective circles.

“To do meaningful work is to contribute -to create value in the society.” -(Charles Koch)

We the Circle-2 from Batch-189 comprising 1)Madeeha Siddiqui(circle leader) 2)Abdullah Bin Afzal 3)Khadijah Naz 4)Salman Shaikh 5)Asadullah 6)Ikhlaque Ahmed 7)Syeda Anum 8)Jamal; brainstormed various ideas which resulted in a healthy outcome and we were finally agreed on one project that has a very brilliant impact on the youth specifically the Under-graduates of our country.

What we Plan to Achieve:

As we have experienced that there is a huge gap in undergraduate students' communication and presentation skills, these types of skills are not taught in universities and students have to work on them themselves. So our main goal is to share some tips that will help them enhance their communication and presentation skills. We have planned to give them valuable and helpful tips that will help them in their academic & professional career as they say that the right communication is the key to deliver your message and get a positive response.

Besides students from mechanical and electrical fields face problems learning some of the key field-related software, therefore we would be easing their difficulty in a user-friendly way.

How we Plan to Achieve:

In order to deliver our tips in an easily accessible way, we have created a YouTube channel naming “The Knowledge Hub” for this purpose. On this platform, short video lectures/courses of 3–4 mins would be delivered in the best of the interests of students. We divided the task within the circle members according to their expertise as following;

Circle Members Responsibilities:

Syeda Anum-YouTube channel management; Madeeha Siddiqui-Course/Voice Narration(Communication Skills); Ikhlaque Ahmed-Course/Voice Narration(Presentation Skills); Abdullah Bin Afzal-Course/Voice Narration(Fusion 360 software); Salman Shaikh-Course/Voice Narration(ETAP software); Khadijah Naz, Jamal, Asadullah-Video Editing

  • Autodesk Fusion 360:

It is essential software for 2D/3D designing/modeling mainly utilized by mechanical engineers. We have formed an easily understandable course outline for the basic learning of this software and short course-specific videos for illustration.

We would cover the following;

  1. Introduction to Fusion 360 (Interface,basic settings,tools etc)
  2. 2D Sketching
  3. 3D Sketching
  • ETAP(Electrical Transient Analyzer Program):

This is an electrical network modeling and simulation software tool used by power systems engineers to create an “electrical digital twin” and analyze electrical power system dynamics, transients, and protection.

For the beginner level the course will include videos of the following sections;

1. Introduction to ETAP (Getting familiar with the software)

2. Load Flow Studies

3. Short Circuit Studies

  • Communication and Presentation Skills Course:

In this course, we will be talking about active listening, being specific and concise, and the importance of 7C’s.7C’s = Clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.

Besides, there would be short videos briefing the tips on how to make good and interactive presentations and how to present them in front of an audience.

Challenges Faced by Video Editing team:

We will use the Filmora software for the video compilation and editing.

What issues are we going to face?

• If we use the free version we may get the watermark in the video.

• there may be background noise or low volume issues.

• there may be a synchronization issue between audio and video.

How are we going to solve these issues:

• If we get the crack link then we will get the full version with more filters.

• Background noises can be reduced or low voice can be volumed up.

  • I can slow down the speed of either audio or video to make it synchronize or vice versa.

Plans for Next Two Weeks:

We would be approaching the wider community by the usage of networking(social media, contacts, etc) in order to reach the maximum possible ambitious and passionate undergraduates.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” —( Carlton Fisk)



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