Taking Flight 🕊

~reflection on the last fellowship session

Abdullah Bin Afzal
3 min readJun 17, 2021

It was the 13th of June,2021 when my 3 months journey with the Amal Academy reaches its end with the exciting last session planned for us. That was unarguably one of my best day here at Amal, started with full enthusiasm, each fellow in black dress code brought a feeling of One family. After a few minutes, every fellow turned their videos off and showed gratitude to the facilitators for their tireless efforts throughout the journey.

Those priceless cheerful faces of Sir Saad and Ma’am Fizza🥰

After that moment of spreading smiles on the faces of those who keep us smiling during the last 3 months. We moved forward to the best part of my fellowship; yes I’m talking about “The Scavenger Hunt”.The joy and zeal which instantly filled up in every fellow while evaluating the riddles and taking super selfies was indefinable.

Hunted the Riddles🙌

This extremely pleasant session turned the most emotional when Ma’am Fizza opened the Padlet and we have to express our feelings for fellows and facilitators. Lastly, the concluding speech by Sir Saad was so absorbing that none of us was having an eye on the clock this time. It was the best session I have had with Amal ❤

“Life is not always about happy endings. Sometimes it’s about finding happiness in the ending you get”~Chip Rossetti

I have learned numerous new things besides polishing various old ones during this time. The first thing is writing blogs; I’ve always loved writing either diary writing or writing on social media, but haven’t gathered the energy to write blogs but Amal experience boosted me to express myself via blogs, and yes I’m still writing the last Amal blog with passion although I’m having my exams from Monday,21st and intend to continue my blogging afterward too InShaAllah.🤞


Just like the crystal clear blue sky, Amal’s experience has also broadened my vision and thinking; the most crucial was transforming my goals into SMART goals, making me a life-long learner with qualities of empathy, gratitude, and humbleness, besides nourishing my growth mindset. Now it’s time to practically implement whatever I’ve gained from this experience, which I have already initiated by practicing the Amal values.

I am very much optimistic that the strong bond that has been established among the fellows and even the facilitators will continue in the future as well. From my side, I’ll try my best to keep myself engaged with these magnificent peeps, whenever I would require any assistance I’ll definitely bother them as the majority are my seniors..😛Jokes aside will definitely ask for time!

B189 ready to Flyyy🕊🕊



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