Simple Deeds of Kindness

Abdullah Bin Afzal
2 min readMar 26, 2021


“Show forgiveness;enjoin kindness;avoid ignorance.” (Quran 7:199)

“Every act of goodness is (considered as)Sadaqah.”(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Kindness is considered a quality of being generous,friendly,compassionate and careful. Acts of kindness increase energy and give a wonderful feeling of optimism.

>In the morning,I started by watering the small saplings present at the parking yard of my university which have been mostly deprived of water.

Little Sparkle on these ever rusty saplings!

>Some of my classmates were having trouble in one of the topic of our critical course ‘Heat Transfer’;Luckily I have got better understanding of it therefore I decided to assist them by summarizing the topic in an easy way.

Trying to clarify HT concepts to my mates!

>As my youngest brother was at school and I arrived home earlier,so I pressed his dress for Jumma prayers.

Not that perfect in ironing :D

>As we are passing through difficult and challenging times of COVID that requires utmost precautions.I distributed face masks among the children playing in the street and patted them after they wear it.They pledged to wear it everytime they move outside.

Distributing face maks:)

>Last but not least,my family shares some light moments,gossiping in the post afternoon.In order to make their moods more pleasant and refreshing I prepared kehwah for them.Those cherishing smiles on their faces were priceless.

Special kehwah for some specials!!



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