Self Reliance Project

-an Emoji story🐵

I was a bit🤓 guy in the first2️⃣ years of my 🏫 life and was 🙂with just academic stuff. When my 3️⃣rd year begins I 💭 I should take part in various🤹‍♀️ to 💪 my technical and soft skills. I 🔰 taking some 💻 courses on different platforms which were though initially 🆕and a bit 😫, but with ⌚ I started 💖 this 🛣 and it left a ➕ impact on me.

I enrolled in NAVTTC 📝 and 👷‍♂️ my technical skills. Now I am a part of AMAL👨‍🎓 which has 💡 my soft skills. This whole 🔄has brought 💯 and I now found myself more🎯 towards my destination and a 🤩career.



Abdullah Bin Afzal

A mechanical engineer by profession,an occasional writer by passion✨ Trying to express in words, what I observe:)