Practicing the Pomodoro Technique

Abdullah Bin Afzal
2 min readApr 13, 2021

Time management has always been one of my goals in life but after joining Amal Academy I found it the best opportunity and it, in fact, becomes one of my SMART goals here. Time management plays a key role in your success and leads you towards productivity by doing more and quality work in less time.

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” -Mile Davis

Amazing tool! Isn’t it?

There are certain techniques for time management and here I followed one of them, ‘POMODORO TECHNIQUE’ in order to get rid of my laziness when it comes to cleaning the home. I go for my Car Cleaning along with Washing the Porch of the home using this absolute technique.

Interesting! Ain’t?

I started at 10:14 am by setting a 25 min timer on my mobile, I also take a piece of paper and pen to write any distractions if I experience it. I started cleaning my car with full zeal and zeus this time, my phone tings on message, children were playing in the street and my neighbour’s bike loud horn distracted me a bit but importantly I didn’t waste my time on focusing. I completed cleaning and just started cleaning the porch when the timer told me that the first phase is over. I take a 5 min break and enjoyed my favourite chocolate candy.

Started the next phase right at 10:44 am, this time while cleaning the main gate and windows of the porch found myself more focused and productive, consequently, I successfully completed the task at 11:02 am,6 mins before the cycle completed. I celebrated the results by having an ice cream!!

I can proudly say that without distractions of either mobile phone or wandering here and there, I was much more efficient and productive as a result of more concentration on cleaning which I missed previously. Although continuous working without break in between was a bit tricky in 1st phase, in the second phase I was more confident.

I will surely be using this valuable technique at least in tasks related to my home cleaning specifically.

“Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities”.



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