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-the most impactful moment during Amal Fellowship

Abdullah Bin Afzal
3 min readJun 2, 2021

‘There are certain decisions, you take in your life without the utmost consent of your inner self. Later you realize that those were the most valuable decisions’.

I have got a similar story during the last weeks of February, I was having a quite packed schedule with university classes in the morning and NAVTTC course classes in the evening. At the same time, while roaming on some senior's profile, I came across the platform of AMAL, and after visiting the website and learning about the mission and vision of this fellowship, I just instantly applied for it unseeingly. After applying, I was not that positive and passionate before the interview, as I was at that time more inclined towards my existing course.

But, Yes! today I can say proudly that was worth a decision❤. For sure, I can regard these two and a half months with AMAL as one of the best times of my career. Initiating from a bit tweaky start and turning that into the most positive and exciting times, either its ever-lively fellows and facilitators(PM, PA) or interactive break-out room discussions during online sessions or the insightful online courses and project works or working in a circle or the one on one and mock interview, I really enjoyed and learned from each and every experience.


During the whole inexpressible experience, there was one moment specifically which increased my positivity and passion for fellowship many folds. It was during the last few minutes of the Live session-9 when Ma’am Fizza(PA) announced my project work “Engaging the Day-Labourers” as ‘the Most thoughtful project award’ for PW-3.

For a couple of minutes, I can’t believe my ears, but then those dozens of messages of felicitation both on WhatsApp and even on zoom chat make me realize to cherish that moment. This great feeling of honour was replenished when the award was posted on the batch Facebook page. Those appreciation remarks pumped me with such energy which can’t be explained in words.


Although I always longed for and love winning competitions throughout my career, similarly I also desired since the PW-1 for this award but to be honest at that time I wasn’t expecting it. That unexpected honour pushed me to work harder even on the challenging days of Ramadan when I was having an internship too. I always sensed more positivity and encouragement while I attempted the project works or online courses afterward. It left a deep impact on my attitude; resultantly, I tried to deliver the best possible either it was during online sessions or circle meetings, or mega-project. Lastly, I want to thank the fellows and the facilitators for spreading positive vibes throughout the fellowship. Keep shining and smiling!

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open”-(John Barrymore)



Abdullah Bin Afzal

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