Fixing my Messy Cupboard Shelf!

Abdullah Bin Afzal
3 min readMar 30, 2021

Nowadays every other person has got a hectic schedule, which ultimately left certain things unmonitored around us.

I have got a similar story with a portion of my cupboard lying in my bedroom, probably the ugliest portion!


Although I often go for bed-making, that cupboard shelf comprising the unpressed clothes has always been the messiest part which remains a major source of headache for me while selecting my clothes for any event and eats up a chunk of time.

BEFORE!Sloppy scenes:(

One can imagine my practice of amassing the washed clothes which not only seems unappealing but was a source of daily scolding by my mother. After reading about the project of Amal this place was the first which blinked in my mind and I got motivated further by this quote:

“The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it”-Joshua Fields

I used my own leadership here to get all the stuff organized so that rather than further delaying(FACT: the last time I organized it was some 3 months back if I’m not wrong), I should GO FOR IT NOW!!

I took all the clothes out of the shelf which were in miserable condition for sure,

  • Firstly I cleaned the whole shelf properly,
  • Then separate my shirts, jeans, and shalwar kameez, folded them properly.
  • Then in order to save my time in the future, I divided the shelf into two, ‘Jeans/shirts portion’ and ‘Shalwar kameez portion’.
  • Surprisingly, there were winter clothes still in that jumble of clothes,I separated them and put them in one other cabinet of my cupboard.
  • Finally, I put my clothes back in an organized way on the shelf as per pre-assigned compartments.
AFTER!Bit Cool❤

This task took me nearly two and half hours, but the outcome of this time spent was not only pleasing but provides me a sense of mental satisfaction soon as I finished the task like a load has been freed of me. My mother after seeing was surprised, at the same she praised me which made my day.To be honest, without this assigned project I could not be able to gather energy for this task even for some more time.

This accomplished task boosts me and gave a willpower to identify and fix more sloppy stuff in my house from now onwards; Hopefully, I would be going for it very soon IN’SHA ALLAH!. One more thing I learned, do things at a specified time rather than delaying.It prevents you from those small troubles which might prove to be big in the end!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”



Abdullah Bin Afzal

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