Engaging the Day Labourers

-Getting closer to my Mega Project Problem

Abdullah Bin Afzal
3 min readApr 8, 2021

While I was returning home back from my university on Monday, I came across the roundabout where every day I saw several day-labourers sitting on the footpath waiting for work. But this time with our mega project ahead, all of sudden an idea emerged in my mind that, what could be better than framing my project involving these people.

Day Labourers are, unfortunately, in our country those people who are always uncertain either they be having work the next day or not. In this regard government and other stakeholders merely put their noses and they often remain neglected. The misery of these people can be illustrated by the following newspaper headline;

Some more pictures describing their endless wait for work.


Problem Statement:

“Day-Labourers often return back home carrying their tools after an endless search for work throughout the day, waiting on footpaths/roadsides under the scorching hot weather.”


Uncertainty of work for every next day not only disrupts the financial situation of the family but also psychologically affects them. When the sole earner returns back home without money for days, the whole family often goes to bed supperless. Children do suffer as their educational and other expenses can’t be met.


In order to have a have better insight, I visited that roundabout yesterday and asked some of them regarding their problems;

Ashfaque, aged 38 told: “I come here every day at 8:00 am in search of work, in good days got work for 5 days and sometimes even 10 days, but in bad days have to wait even 3–5 days ultimately returning without work which definitely adversely impacts daily expenses, leading to even supperless days.”

Saeed Khan, aged 46 told: “I am an unskilled person and working as a construction labourer since the last 25 years, due to negligence of government we are always on the brink of uncertainty, moreover I have always found trouble in searching appropriate sites, that’s why daily wait here for work.”

My Plan for Solution:

I have got a solution for the troubles faced by day-labourers that is both social welfare and entrepreneurship based. As per my plan:

1-There is a need to provide them with a sheltered platform where whole data after research would be present regarding all construction-related activities in the city that may be an opportunity for them to work.

2-There should be established a small restaurant alongside where specifically day-labourers are provided with quality food(initially only lunch) at subsidized rates, with no harm to their dignity and self-respect.

3-Would try to engage and collaborate with welfare organizations, NGO’s for the implementation of this idea.

After visiting the spot, It helped me in better understanding of the issues and problems faced by day-labourers with empathy when I met them personally and sit beside them hearing their concerns and asking possible solutions. It also provided me with an opportunity of thinking like an entrepreneur by initiating a small startup.

“We rise by lifting other. -(Robert Ingersoll)



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